Business Resilience in 2020 


As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought our world to a stand still, we are witnessing how different sectors are responding to the crisis. From social and financial perspectives, in healthcare, education, manufacturing, government, you name it- the gaps and weaknesses of our current systems are being exposed. 

While impacts vary greatly across industries, resilient businesses will be better positioned to emerge from crises intact. Ponder this during the webinar.

As a professional, how can you use this time to:

  • Become more resilient?
  • Rise above the status quo? 
  • Contribute to societal change?
  • Be more inclusive and enhance diversity?

View our 11-minute educational webinar Business Resilience in 2020 as a pay-what-you-can gift to help businesses rebound from the pandemic. Contribute now to support our team in transforming businesses through our Learn, Strategize, & Implement sustainability initiatives. All donations will help GreenLight to weather these challenging times. If you cannot contribute now, please think of us the next time you are able to give.

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